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Shuying Li

Opera "Who Married Star Husbands"

Opera" Bloodlines"

Canton Snowstorm (premiere)

Matilda's Dream (premiere)

Pierre Jalbert

Piano trio #2

Olivier Messiaen

Quartet for the End of Time

Arnold Schoenberg

Pierrot Lunaire

Lu Pei

Scenes Through the Window (4CE instrumentation premiere)

Dancing Heaven

Fantasy for String Quartet

Peter Lee

Nocturne in C Major on "Swing to Grandmother Bridge"

Operation Opera 2018 premieres (4CE instrumentation)

The Contrapuntal of Subconscious (Leishuo Ye)

Hagar and Ishmael (William David Cooper)

River (Xian He)

Higher Ground (Jules Pegram)

Limited Lover (Ke Han)

The Shepherdess (Yi Yang)

Rapture (David Wolfson)




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